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MPPT 40A - 50A - 60A HQ

This is a solar charge controller 20A ~ 30A with automatic loading max tracking high efficiency, which contribute about 30% ~ 60% more than a charge controller traditional. It also has functions of automatic recognition of the voltage of the system, range range of power load, different output power levels, control automatically download batteries RS232/LAN interface and much more. It is a high-end solar market.


  • The conversion efficiency of up to 99%
  • 12V/24V/48V system with automatic recognition
  • Max PV input power range. DC160V
  • Memory function according rescue setting the date, time, generate reports, and so
  • Batteries-selection options: lead-acid sealed, vented gel battery, NiCd. It is also can define other types of batteries.
  • RS232 communication port and LAN. address IP and port defined to facilitate installation and computer control to manage All information and create archives.
  • 2 years warranty. Designed to withstand over 10 years. 3 ~ 10 years extended warranty upon request
  • Display Led/Lcd

What is MPPT (charge controller)?

The charge controller is an indispensable tool for the proper functioning of the stand alone photovoltaic system.

Its main function is to ensure a constant current to the loads, by taking it from the panels and/or from the battery. The charge controller is able to constantly manage and exploit the maximum power point of the panel is capable of delivering at that time, depending on the solar radiation to which it is subjected . It also deals with stop charging when the battery is fully charged, disconnect the loads when the battery is low, thus avoiding being overcharged or deep discharge of the battery, extending far its durability.

The main advantages of MPPT

Compared to the normal PWM controllers, the advantages of MPPT charge controllers are:

  1. More current available for charging the battery; MPPT controllers are infact able to use the full power (Watts) generated by the solar panel to charge the battery, unlike traditional PWM controllers .
  2. Wide voltage range accepted input, very useful, for example, to give the possibility to charge 12V battery using a photovoltaic panel designed to operate at 24V, without loss of power.

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