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The off-grid systems of WKE World Key Energy allow you to generate and distribute electricity for one or more users. Usually, they are not connected to the mains, but it is possible optionally connect it.
WKE World Key Energy offers customizable solutions using different materials and technology of high and proven quality. The Family Solar Kit was created and has all the necessary components for easy installation.
With the kit, it is offered a warranty of 12 years.

What is an off-grid system?

Also called stand-alone, off-grid system is a plant for the production of electricity self-sufficient, that is isolated from the national grid. We usually use off-grid systems in remote areas or however remote from the grid electricity. The off-grid system requires a storage system for electricity produced by photovoltaic panels by means accumulators - batteries. The other key element for an off -grid system is a charge controller (MPPT) which has the task of managing the electricity produced by the solar panels to recharge the battery.

Before you buy an off-grid system is necessary to know the daily electricity demand, which is the sum of the connected electrical devices (TV, refrigerator, electric stove, lamps, etc.). You can calculate the power consumption of your home with our specially software specially created to determine your energy needs.

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